Personal Injury Law

Personal injuries can be devastating in a number of senses.  That physical injuries can be traumatizing goes without saying.  Yet, there are often financial, professional, educational, and relational aspects of personal injuries that are as destructive as the physical injuries themselves.  The personal injury victim needs strong leadership from his attorney to be confident that he has done all that he can do to protect his rights and recover damages to the extent that the law allows. The world of personal injury law can be daunting.  Having a skilled attorney who can navigate the complexities of personal injury cases makes the process much easier for the injury victim.  After going through an injury, the victim needs to be able to rely on an excellent attorney for the legal counsel and advice that will help him be made whole. At Bergford Law Group, our goal is to find the shortest distance between your problem and your solution.  That often means that we work actively toward a settlement with the hope of concluding your legal matter as quickly and fairly as possible.  Even so, we constantly prepare your case for trial so that if settlement efforts are not fruitful we can head to trial having prepared for trial throughout the process.