Landlord-Tenant Law

Legal disputes between landlords and tenants are common.  Bergford Law Group, LLC approaches landlord-tenant law with uncommon clarity.  Whether your legal dispute is with a commercial landlord, a commercial tenant, a residential landlord or a residential tenant, Bergford Law Group has the insight, instinct, and creativity necessary to offer you the best chance at a favorable and speedy conclusion. First, Brad Bergford has extensive knowledge of landlord-tenant law.  He has guided both landlord and tenant clients to successful conclusions of their legal disputes.  Second, Bergford Law Group, LLC is committed to viewing the facts from all angles in order to present the most reasonable solutions to clients, opposing parties, and to the court.  Third, Bergford Law Group, LLC advises clients about steps they can take to help insulate themselves from liability before matters arise or worsen.  Lastly, we provide forceful, accurate legal representation in court when attempts to settle prior to court prove unfruitful.  With the interests of the client in mind, we aim to conclude legal disputes quickly.  Even so, from the first day of our representation we prepare for the long haul in case trial becomes necessary. There is much that both landlords and tenants can do to guard against being harmed in the midst of a lease or rental agreement.  For instance, both parties must be certain that they understand every aspect of the commercial or residential lease.  Parties to a commercial or residential lease should be sure that they are aware of the requirements that the lease places on them.  Retaining excellent legal counsel places you in the driver's seat will give you the knowledge and understanding you need to make an informed decision about the lease agreement you are considering.  The parties should also create video and photographic documentation of the property at issue upon the transfer of possession at the start of the lease and upon re-transfer possession at the end of the lease so that there is a clear record of the condition of the leased property prior to and after the lease.  Call for more sound legal counsel on these and many other relevant topics affecting landlords and tenants.