Constitutional Law

Your constitutional rights are of utmost importance.  Those rights are guaranteed by the Constitution and its Amendments, as well as by case law interpreting the Constitution and its Amendments.  It is critical that you ensure that your constitutional rights are protected by an attorney who is as devoted to them as you are.  Bergford Law Group, LLC is keenly focused on preserving and defending the constitutional rights of Americans whose rights have been impinged. It is impermissible for a governmental entity to discriminate against Americans on the basis of a protected class or classification without legal justification.  Similarly, it is against the law for private individuals to discriminate against Americans in certain situations, including in employment, housing, and in various other respects.  We handle cases involving constitutional rights that are implicated in the context of religious discrimination, housing discrimination, employment discrimination, education discrimination, and in other contexts. Whether your rights have been violated or you have been accused of violating the rights of someone else, Bergford Law Group will pursue justice on your behalf.  We are poised and prepared to defend your constitutional rights and freedoms.  Without your rights and freedoms being preserved, you will have lost a central piece of the protections associated with being an American.  Entrust your legal representation to the firm that is firmly behind you.  Bergford Law Group will vigorously defend your rights and freedoms under the United States Constitution.