Civil Litigation

Civil litigation is court action to enforce a particular right.  Bergford Law Group handles civil litigation from the point when a party first realizes that there may be a legal problem through settlement negotiations and trial, as necessary. To succeed, legal solutions must be more formidable than the disputes that give them rise.  Your legal counsel must be intelligent enough, creative enough, and determined enough to provide such solutions.  Brad Bergford takes serious steps toward the resolution of conflicts at the earliest possible stage.  Mr. Bergford’s goal is to achieve the best outcome with the least possible expenditure of client resources.  That means that where the conclusion of legal disputes may be accomplished through settlement negotiations, such negotiations will be zealously undertaken.  On the other hand, where trial becomes necessary, Brad Bergford’s thorough, calculated, professional, and assertive approach offers just the sort of reassurance that clients trust. Your legal counsel should take a measured approach to legal matters, assessing them from every conceivable angle and at every stage of litigation.  Bergford Law Group carefully evaluates the legal issues facing you, as well as every one of your options and the implications of exercising each of them. Whether your legal dispute calls for equitable relief, such as a preliminary, temporary, or permanent injunction barring or requiring further action by the other party, or for money damages, Bergford Law Group will use your goals to form a strategy aimed at achieving them.  And, Bergford Law Group will assist you in pursuing the collection of damages through garnishments and property liens, as appropriate.  From start to finish, you can expect the utmost in professionalism and litigation expertise.